Student Services

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Student supports

Additional academic supports

Our main objective is to provide you with the kind of supports that you need to be successful. We will be offering additional supports to any student who needs it. Contact us to learn more.

College computer availability

We are committed to providing access to computers for students. We have a complete and up to date computer lab for student use.

Students with disabilities

Seabird College is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment for students with disabilities.

Through our system of supports provided by instructors, our student services will work with you to remove barriers. This includes reading and language, interpreting, counseling, tutoring, alternative formats for printed materials, and alternative test/exam arrangements.

It is recommended that when you register that you provide information and any diagnosis of disability. This will enable us to develop an individualized learning plan for you. In order to obtain specific exam accommodations, you must provide documentation. Please contact our office for more information and support.

Transcript Requests

If you are in need of grade transcripts for further education applications, please complete and submit the Transcript Request form to Seabird College Administrative Office.

Download Transcript Request.pdf