Professional Cook Level 1

Program scheduled to start in February 2020.

Sponsored seats for First Nations students.

Level: Certificate

PTIB Accredited Program: This program is registered with the Private Training Institutions Branch.

On-going registration at this time. Course scheduled to begin February 2020, pending funding, student enrollment and pre-requisites.

This 10 months long Program will include reports, menu planning, catering planning, catering and one-on-one training. Earn the skills for an exciting career as a chef.

Chefs and cooks can also specialize in one area of cooking, such as ethnic cuisine, baking and more!


The Professional Cook Program is divided into 11 Blocks:

Block A: Occupational Skills: Trade Knowledge, Safety Standards, Sanitary Standards, Production Procedures, Menu Planning, Ordering and Inventory, Ingredients and Nutritional Properties

Block B: Stock, Soups and Sauces covers: Stocks, Thickening and Binding Agents, Soups

Block C: Vegetables and Fruits

Block D: Starches: Potatoes, Pasta and Farinaceous Products; Rice; Grains and Legumes

Block E: Meats: Cut and Process Meats, Cook Meats

Block F: Poultry: Cut and Process Poultry, Cook Poultry

Block G: Seafood: Cut and Process Seafood, Cook Fish, Cook Shellfish

Block H: Garde Manger: Dressings, Condiments and Accompaniments; Salads, Sandwiches

Block I: Eggs, Breakfast Cookery and Dairy: Egg Dishes, Breakfast Accompaniments, Dairy Products and Cheeses

Block J: Baked Goods and Desserts: Principles of Baking, Pastries, Desserts, Quick Breads,

Block K: Beverages

CAREERS:  Graduates are qualified for employment in bistros, hotels, spa and destination resorts, extended care facilities, as head chefs, assistant chefs, sous chefs, line cooks, and cooks assistants. In addition, graduates may choose to start their own catering or home businesses.


  • Professional Cook 1

  • Food Safe Level 1 Certification

  • Workplace Hazards (WHMIS)

  • First Aid


HOURS/DAYS:  8:30 am to 4:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

PREREQUISITES:  English 11 / Communications 11 / First Peoples’ English 11, Math 11

DURATION:  862.5 hours, plus 120 hours of workplace-based practicum experience

LOCATION:  Seabird College, 2812 Chowat Rd – Seabird Island Band, Agassiz BC.

WORK EXPERIENCE:  120 hours.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation may be available from a designated pick up point as warranted.

PROGRAM/COURSE COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS:   Minimum 70% in technical training; 70% or better on the PC1 Certification of Qualification Exam (Industry Training Authority Exam).

PRE-REQUISITES:   Adult Dogwood (Grade 12) preferred with Math 10 and English 10 as a minimum requirement. Students can either enter the program as part of their B.C. Adult Dogwood program or as graduates with a B.C. Those taking the program as part of the B.C. Adult Dogwood must take a Math 11 credit, Communications 12 or English 12, Planning 12, and Work Experience. All students are required to complete a registration assessment.

DUAL CREDIT:  Students can obtain B.C. Adult Dogwood/BC Dogwood Diploma and Professional Cook 1 credentials. Math 11, English 12 must be completed in advance of the Pro.


  • This program is eligible for post-secondary support under Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada’s Post-Secondary Support Program. Please check with your Band Education Coordinator. All criteria of Indigenous and Northern Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Education must be followed.

  • This program may be eligible for employment and training programs. Please check with Work BC or Stó:lō Aboriginal Stó:lō Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training (

  • Please set up an appointment to review your funding options with a student advisor. There are many different layers of funding opportunities, geared to each individual.

  • Please check with your local employment office for other potential funding opportunities.

ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENT:  Minimum of 16 students.

COSTS FOR FEE PAYERS AND INSTALLMENTS: If you are a fee payer, the total cost of this program is $ 12,674 which includes all tuition, student fees, books, supplies, and equipment.





Registration fee

$ 250

Books and Materials: textbook, knife sets, uniforms, cooking materials

$ 632

Other Costs (food costs)

$ 500



Please note that a 50% payment is required prior to the start of the program.


CONTACT: Registrar


Telephone: 604-796-6839