Financial Options


Students can attend Seabird College and Adult Education upon confirmation of registration and funding. Students can attend if they are on the Nominal Roll of their Band (as of September 30th of your registration year) or are on the provincial roll, are a fee payer or are receiving grant or program funding. In addition, a number of programs in our line-up are associated with public post-secondary institutions and therefore are eligible for Indigenous Services Canada Public Post-Secondary Support Program funding. Students will be asked to demonstrate funding prior to full acceptance letters of conditional acceptance will be issued prior to full acceptance.


Tuition varies from program to program, and also might depend on a student’s age, whether they have graduated from high school, and whether or not they are eligible for post-secondary funding.  Please discuss your details with the registrar at the time of registration. The earlier you register, the better, for this conversation to be had.


Seabird College pursues grant funding from both the federal and provincial governments in order to run College programs.  Programs are offered based on whether we have received funding from either source.  The grant funding provides sponsored seats for Aboriginal students. This includes First Nations, Metis, and self-identified students.

Sponsored seats are thus available depending on the following:

    • College receipt of grant funding
    • Student eligibility for grant funding
    • Available seats
    • Minimum registration numbers per program

Sponsored seats may or may not include possible transportation – this depends on availability.